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Autor: Erika Saint Paul

Isolation measures

Information for parents

Your child has a contagious disease. Please read the following information on the necessary isolation measures to protect you and other patients.

When you come to visit:

  • Do not wear rings, bracelets, watches, or other jewellery.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands using the instructions above the sink.
  • Please put on a face mask if you have a cold.
  • Now you may go and see your child.
  • Disinfect your hands before leaving the room.
  • Nursing staff will inform you if you need to use a face mask outside the patient's room.
  • Do not spend time in the hospital cafés (Le Clou or Santerra) after your visit.


If you need to stay in a parents’ room because you are breastfeeding:


  • Please continue to adhere to the hand hygiene rules listed above.
  • The left-hand toilet by the parents’ rooms is available to you. Please speak to the nursing staff if you would like to have a shower.
  • You may spend time in the outside areas (park), but not in the hospital cafés, communal rooms (e.g. breastfeeding room), or in the corridor of the children's clinic.
  • You may order all your main meals from the nursing staff. You need to eat your meals in your room.


General information:


  • If you require a breast pump, please speak to a nurse who will organise one for you.
  • Regulations for visitors: As parents, you are the only permitted visitors and you may visit at any time. Grandparents may visit once a week for 30 minutes.


Please contact the Neonatology team if you have any questions or are uncertain about anything.